Strategic Plan

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Core Strategies are all part of our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.

Statement of Concern

Climate change is the greatest threat to health we face.

Our Theory of Change

If the health sector leads on climate advocacy and solutions, decision-makers and the public will act, because the community cares about health and trusts health voices.

Our Mission

To build a powerful health sector movement for climate action and sustainable healthcare.

Our Vision

The health sector plays a leading role in restoring a safe climate, and an ecologically sustainable, just and healthy world.

Pillars for Success

We will be successful when:

  1. The health sector is leading climate advocacy
  2. Climate change is recognised as a health issue
  3. Decision-makers act on climate to protect health
  4. Health sector is climate resilient and sustainable
  5. Our Alliance grows in size and influence

Our Core Strategies to Achieve Success

We work to:

   1. Activate health professionals and health institutions as powerful advocates for change
   2. Build public support by communicating climate health impacts
   3. Advocate for national and global action on the climate health emergency
   4. Support the health sector to cut emissions and build climate health resilience
   5. Position CAHA as the leading national climate and health peak body in Australia

Recognition and Commitment

We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work and acknowledge that sovereignty of the land we call Australia has never been ceded. We commit to listening to and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations about how we can better reflect Indigenous ways of being and knowing in our work.

Our Values

Integrity – we are honest in our actions, and in our statements; we respect others, and keep our commitments
Evidence – our work is based on scientific evidence, and we utilise and encourage research to guide our work
Inclusiveness – we aim to engage a wide range of stakeholders in our work to ensure we are informed by a diversity of views and opinions
Commitment – we are unwavering in our commitment to achieve our goals Collaboration – we recognise that our success depends on collaborating with others
Passion – we are determined to ensure all possible actions are taken to protect people’s health from climate change
Fairness – we abide by principles of social and environmental justice